Welcome to eva-uiuc.com (EVA), a website dedicated to help you get the most out of your UIUC education. We make it easy to just dig in to the course catalog and get the information that really matters to you, quickly. Get ready to hack your education, and learn like a true renaissance man. It'll be a ride, you'll never forget =]

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Find out all the classes going on at UIUC on any hour. This is a great way to explore what's out there and really appreciate the many different subjects this university has to offer.

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Got a free hour? Use it to discover a class! We'll find the closest classes going on right now and even let you fix your location on this nifty mobile friendly webpage.

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Missed a class? Care to find when the next one is going to happen? Interested in comparing teachers on rate my professors? Introducing find, aka - the lifesaver. ; ]

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